jeff bothe


SAP Concur Travel Booking Tool


The industry-leading enterprise SaaS travel booking tool with millions of active users and hundreds of millions of requests per day. I am currently working as a core contributor building next-generation user interfaces with a fully-modern web stack: TypeScript, React, Redux, Node, and GraphQL.

Employee Directory

demo / code

A basic single-page web application that asynchronously fetches paginated data and displays it in tabular form. The main purpose of this small project is to demonstrate UI runtime dependency injection, and to experiment with using url query parameters as a state store.

Brooklyn Museum Collections Explorer

demo / code

A full-stack web application built as a project for the Cognizant/General Assembly Software Engineering Career Accelerator program. The demo is a serverless version of the app, but the code includes server-side microservices architecture built with Java Spring Boot, Netflix Eureka, and Netflix Zuul. Client-side was built with React and Redux.

Unbeatable Tic-Tac-Toe

demo / code

The classic game of strategy featuring an unbeatable AI opponent. The front-end is built with React and some fun packages like Styled Components and Semantic UI.

Drum Sequencer

demo / code

A basic drum sequencer that was originally conceived as a learning exercise in jQuery, but quickly grew into a serious challenge in wrangling the Web Audio API.

Todo List

demo / code

Every newbie coder must at some point build a todo list. In the early days of learning to code, building something like this was a revelation for me :)